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About us

25 years in animal nutrition experience

Igusol was founded by a group of experts in animal nutrition who own a group of companies from the sector with more tan 25 years of experience.

Igusol is a company focused on the development of natural products for animal nutrition with a strong innovative and technological component, which guarantees safety and profitability.

Our mission is to generate strategies which optimize animal productive values, focusing on specific problems resolution in a natural way and improving the final product. Our processes are carried out under the strictest European standards, guaranteeing an optimal quality and homogeneity of the end-product.

Current market trends in animal health progress, an increase in the demand of natural components and the necessity of distinction of our clients have been key factors in our evolution.

Igusol has supported internationalization since its foundation. Besides our headquarters in Spain, we sell our products in more than 15 countries all over the world, with the goal of giving direct support to our clients.