Igusafe Ws, Challenges and solutions

Tuesday, February 02th 2021

The liver is the main purifying filter of the organism. It is responsible of more than 300 functions and prevents sugars, fats, amino acids reach the blood.

The main functions of the liver are:

  • Metabolic function: metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, protein, minerals and vitamins.
  • Function of storage: glycogen, vitamins A, D and B12 and iron.
  • Excretory function : bile pigments, bile salts, and cholesterol are excreted from the bile into the intestine.
  • Function of protection and detoxification: Elimination of toxins and other harmful substances.

The liver is one of the most overloaded organs in the body, often this organ is attacked by:

  • Feeding components: mycotoxins, ROS, Heavy metals
  • Environmental: virus, bacteria, parasites
  • Pharmaceutical products: albendazole
  • Administration: overcrowding and stress

The liver does not have any nerves, so liver disease does not normally cause pain. Impaired liver function may contribute to other unrelated diseases. When the liver is damaged, Three things happen:

  • More treatments
  • Less productivity
  • Less profit

IGUSAFE WS is a hepatomodulator, due to its composition in artichoke extract rich in polyphenols such chlorogenic acid, protects and regenerates hepatocytes improving liver functions, reinforces its functions, has antioxidant properties  and improves animal performance.

It has a choleretic and cholagogue effect stimulating the segregation of bile, promoting the neutralization of endotoxins and exotoxins, antioxidant properties and improves lipid metabolism, reduces  the synthesis of visceral fat and increases the use of fatty acids for energy

Leads to a considerable improvement in animal consumption with high ROI.

It contains also Betaine with regulatory effect of osmotic pressure, acts as a donor methyl group to form methionine and reduces thermal stress.

Indications in POULTRY:

  • Performance improvement
  • Digestive disorders
  • Drop in productivity (weight, laying rate)
  • Low feed intake
  • Peak of mortality due to viral infections (IBH)
  • Fatty liver
  • Heat stress

Success trial

Objetive: to evaluate the dietary effects of Igusafe WS on the growth performance and profitability of the carcass.


  • Control: Typical commercial diet without additives.
  • Igusafe WS: typical commercial diet + 250 grams/1000 liters of water.
  • Antimicrobial: Typical commercial diet+400 grams (Doxycycline 10%/Neomycin 10%)/ 1000 liters of water

Test: A total of 73,000 one-day-old Ross broilers were randomized to 4 households, 2 households of 19,000 and 17,100 broilers received the control treatment, while one household of 17,900 drank the Igusafe WS treatment and Another house with 19,000 broilers received antimicrobial treatment.

Conclusions: the inclusion of Igusafe WS showed a positive effect on the voluntary intake of the initiation phase, this was related to a higher growth rate than the inclusion of antimicrobials. Consequently, it produces greater economic efficiency that shows an increase in individual profit by more than 18%.


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